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  • Are the rooms only for one person?
    The rooms are big! We offer them to students who want privacy, but in case you want to share the room with another person we can add an extra bed (bed clothes included) desk and chair and the cost will be adjusted.
  • What is the price of the rooms?
    We have different rooms with different prices. So please contact us for more information.
  • Are you a Real Estate Agency?
    We are the owners of the flats and we take care of them personally!
  • How is the nightlife in both areas?
    Exarchia has always been a student neighbourhood. Pangrati is a more residential area but both of them have plenty of bars, taverns, restaurants, cinemas etc.
  • What time do public transportation means stop at night?
    During the week the metro stops at twelve o’clock at midnight except for Fridays and Saturdays (2 hours extension), but you can return to your flats in both areas on foot, from areas like Psirri, Keramikos, Gazi, Kolonaki or Syntagma. For the rest of the public transportation there are some exceptions but we can provide you with all information needed each time.
  • What is a suitable hour to contact you?
    You can contact us anytime! We will answer as soon as possible.
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